Staxofax has been discontinued.

The same program is available as the Spartan Clipboard Manager








The complete solution to information storage on your PC both at home and on the move

The Staxofax philosophy
Every computer user stores mail addresses, email addresses, web sites, phone numbers, photographs, notes, screen shots, graphics and text items on their PC. The problem is that they are all in different places and they can all be lost when their associated program is changed or the computer or hard disk fails. Staxofax allows you to keep, use, and backup all this information in one beautifully simple app.

If you save a web address, it becomes a bookmark which will fetch the site no matter which browser you use. If you save an email address, it will launch your email client with that address entered irrelevant of whether you have changed email programs. If you save a phone number, Staxofax will dial it via the Windows phone dialer.

Watch a live video demo....Click here

This is a screen shot of the free Lite Version..

On the left is the main window. On the right is the preview window which shows the contents of the cell that the mouse is over.

There is a portable (peg drive) version. With that, you can take all your information with you on your key ring and use it on any computer anywhere.

We offer both "Try before you buy" and free lite versions. Click the downloads link on the left to get your copy.

"After only a couple of days use, I'm not sure how I managed without it! A simple idea, put to use remarkably effectively . . . there are so many uses for this, it's just incredible. "

"Staxofax Portable is like having you PC in your pocket"